Jaringan Indonesia Positif

Office Address:

Jl. Kudus No 16, RT 008, RW 006, Dukuh Atas, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, 10310


Level of action:


Issues of interest:

HIV AIDS, Human Rights, Legal Aid, SRHR, Key Populations, Youth, and Other.


JIP's vision is to realize people living with HIV in Indonesia as healthy individuals, equality, and actualize a high quality of life.


To achieve its vision, JIP fights for the right to health of people living with HIV through peer support systems by meaningful engagement of people living with HIV to end AIDS in Indonesia.

Organization activity documentation:

“No one Left Behind”
Increasing the quality of life for people living with HIV including ensuring people living with HIV can access treatment in any situation including a health crisis or disaster situation. JQR (JIP Quick Response or JIP Respon Cepat), a division of the Positive Indonesia Network (JIP), moves to disaster locations to ensure people with HIV who are affected by the disaster can still access ARV treatment.


“Media Brief”
Holding the media as a partner who can play a role in promoting important HIV-related issues through information dissemination is also an important part of what JIP does to address and ensuring no one left behind on HIV response.


Through the “Advocate4Health” program supported by USAID, one of the programs carried out by JIP, JIP is collaborating with the Ministry of Health, Provincial/District Health Office and Health Services to ensure access to treatment for people with HIV


“Hear us!!”
Voicing important issues for people living with HIV needs in regional and international forums is an effective step to convince the government and donors to commit to continue to support and allocate funds for HIV programs.

Office Address:

Jl. Kudus No 16, RT 008, RW 006, Dukuh Atas, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, 10310


Other Network

Lhak-Sam, the Bhutan Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (BNP+)
The Association Of People Living With HIV (APLHIV)- Pakistan
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